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Branson confirms Aviation Biofuels are still his Passion

Posted Gavin Hughes Industry News

Richard Branson on a recent visit to Brisbane confirmed that he is still pursuing biofuels to fuel aviation.

Richard stated that Biofuels for jet aircraft remains a passion. A viable, cheaper fuel would be a commercial and climate change goldmine.

In the recent past Virgin began work with the University of Queensland to explore using sugar cane to develop an aviation fuel.

Virgin is now looking at developing fuel from algae as an alternative among a suite of biofuel research projects.

“But it is not going to eventuate terribly quickly,” he said. “We just haven’t had the big breakthroughs that we anticipated.”

Premier Palaszczuk acknowledged Sir Richard’s call to pursue with biofuels investment in Queensland.

“It is a priority for my government,” she said.

“We are serious about taking it to the next stop and making sure that we can develop a biofuels industry in Queensland.”


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