Mercedes gives thumbs up to Biodiesel

When it comes to European-cars there is plenty of discussion on what fuel is best for the more expensive vehicles like Mercedes, Audi and BMW. There is an interesting story that has emerged out of India. According to The Economic Times the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has agreed to shift its diesel cars to the […]

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Queensland Policy Driving Biofuels Growth

Ask any investor what they want when it comes to Government and they will tell  you certainty. The regulatory environment can often be the joker in the pack in the complex process of undertaking due diligence on a project. Most major policy decisions will deliver a winner and a loser, but most of all if […]

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To achieve tangible and useful outcomes, the biofuels industry in Australia must work collaboratively with all involved. The BAA works in the interests of its members, so it is in your best interests to join us and help drive the national conversation on biofuels.



Biodiesel is produced from renewable plant or animal feedstocks containing fatty acids using a process of condensation called transesterification. Post 1986 diesel engines can run on biodiesel, including cars, trucks, heavy machinery, and ships.



Ethanol is an alcohol made by fermenting sugar and starch components. Ethanol can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form as a replacement for gasoline, but it is usually blended with gasoline to improve vehicle emissions and power.



The Biofuels Association of Australia has been formed for the purpose of providing leadership as the peak representative body facilitating the building of a sustainable, economically viable Australian biofuels industry, consistent with national and community interests and environmental standards.

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