Our Mission

The Biofuels Association of Australia was formed for the purpose of providing leadership on the building of a sustainable, economically viable Australian biofuels industry, consistent with national and community interests and environmental standards.

What We Do

The Biofuels Association of Australia is the peak industry body for the Australian biofuels industry, formed in 2006 to represent all stakeholders in the biofuels industry in Australia. We represent ethanol and biodiesel producers, feedstock suppliers, technology providers, independent and major oil companies, equipment manufacturers, mining and construction companies and others involved in the sector. Together, we work towards a sustainable future.

The Biofuels Association of Australia supports its members by:

  • Providing stakeholders and the wider community with up-to-date, accurate information on all aspects of the biofuels industry
  • Assisting members in working with governments at all levels with policy development
  • Advising governments on policy development with well-considered, realistic proposals
  • Contributing to the development of fuel quality standards for biofuels and working with governments to promote compliance through all stages of the supply chain
  • Providing training, guidance, codes of practice, accreditation programs, seminars, conferences and support
  • Collaborating with research and development organisations, academic institutions and kindred associations