Gavin Hughes

Gavin was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Biofuels Association on January 7 2014. Although newly appointed Gavin was a founding director of the BAA and has served as a director for much of the Association’s history.

Throughout his career Gavin has been active in shaping the development of the government policies and initiatives that support the creation of an alternative energy industry in Australia, in particular biofuels. Over the past 25 years Gavin has held senior executive positions in public and privately listed companies including the Biofuels manufacturing businesses CSR Ethanol & Dalby BioRefinery.

In 2010, Gavin established a consulting business, Kingfisher Solutions Pty Ltd, which has as its mission to work with companies that either have ambitions in establishing alternative energy projects or are existing industry players with a desire to improve or expand their base businesses. The company utilises the resources of an extensive network of contacts and provides commercial and strategic advice in conjunction with economic assessments and project stewardship support for new business ventures in the alternative energy sector. As an executive, Gavin believes that it is important to continue to develop and learn and has recently completed an international masters degree in sustainability and leadership to add to his qualifications in industrial chemistry and business.

Gavin has a clear passion for biofuels and as CEO of the Biofuels Association of Australia looks forward to continuing to support the industry and advocate for the changes necessary to support the growth of the biofuels industry in Australia.