Why should you join the BAA?

As the peak body for the Australian biofuels industry, the BAA’s mission is to provide key stakeholders with leadership and representation.

The BAA is proud to have major Australian industry participants as members, providing valuable input and insight across the supply chain. You can read more about our members here.

Our key areas of focus for members are knowledge building, policy development, advocacy and making connections, in order to promote and grow the Biofuels Industry and to encourage widespread, informed debate.

We deliver value for our members by:

  • Speaking with one voice
  • Providing a clear and evidence-driven message
  • Crafting policy mechanisms to drive growth in the biofuels industry
  • Acting as the centre for biofuels information and education
  • Creating a powerful network
  • Developing coalitions and partnerships to achieve the BAA aims
  • Advocating for the interests of our industry at all levels
  • Developing strategic communications and connections
  • Market-making
  • Listening and talking to members

If we are to achieve tangible and useful outcomes, the biofuels industry in Australia must work collaboratively on strategic issues that are common to all those involved. The BAA was founded to work in the interests of its members – so it is in your best interests to join us and help drive the national conversation on biofuels.

For more information on becoming a member contact us