E85 Explained – The Race Fuel of the future

The boys from MightyCarMods put their view forward about E85. These guys run one of the largest car shows in the world and have done their own research into the pros and cons of E85. Check it out.

Queensland Mandate Major Boost For Biofuel Industry

The introduction of a biofuels mandate following a vote in the Queensland Parliament last night will provide a major boost to the State’s biofuel industry. Biofuels Association of Australia CEO Gavin Hughes said the industry strongly supported the Government’s decision to introduce the mandate. Under legislation passed in the parliament a 3 per cent ethanol […]

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Dupont open World’s Largest Cellulosic plant in Iowa

Dupont last week opened the world’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant in Iowa.  The plant was built to process agricultural waste mainly being corn stover (harvest residue – leaves, husks, cobs and stalks).  Dupont report that manufacturing ethanol from waste cellulosic streams is difficult and will unlikely to be competitive with conventional oil until the price […]

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China lifts corn ethanol ban to pursue Cleaner Air

China, the world’s second-largest corn consumer, is set to resume building new corn-based ethanol plants after a nearly decade-long ban, in a move that could help absorb the country’s record stocks, industry sources said. Beijing barred corn-based ethanol in late 2006 on concerns over food security at a time of rising domestic corn prices. China […]

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1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila – Biofuel!

A desert plant, best known for producing tequila in Mexico, shows promise as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products, according to University of Adelaide research. The researchers at the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls showed the agave plant could produce up to 15,000 liters per hectare a year […]

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Qld to transition to a Clean Energy Economy

A mandate on ethanol in fuel will help Queensland transition to a clean energy economy, the state government says. New laws requiring petrol retailers to offer a fuel made up of at least two per cent ethanol and a diesel fuel containing at least 0.5 per cent bio-sources have been introduced to state parliament. Energy […]

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