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Biofuel Changes Major Step Forward For Industry

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The Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA) today welcomed the NSW Government’s planned reforms to the state’s biofuels mandate.

BAA chief executive officer Mark Sutton said the changes should provide much-needed certainty to the industry.

“The reform package requires strong support from all stakeholders, but it does lay out a framework that will deliver big benefits,” he said.

“Most importantly, the package should be a win for consumers with lower E10 prices at the pump.” Mr Sutton said E10 had many benefits including reducing Australia’s reliance on fossil fuel.

“The recent Paris Climate Change Agreement highlighted a world view that we need to look at alternative environmentally sustainable fuel sources.

“Internationally, there are thriving biofuel industries, particularly in Brazil and the United States where many communities have benefited economically.

“This has only happened after strong government policy support over many years.”

The Queensland Government has also recently implemented a biofuel mandate that aims to support regional jobs and deliver another source of sustainable fuel.

Mr Sutton said the BAA strongly supported the government’s decision to review the exemptions regime.

“While we acknowledge there are circumstances where exemptions are required for small business operators this should not be so broad as to undermine the government’s commitment to develop the biofuels industry,” he said.

“E10 availability in an accessible service station forecourt position is also vital to provide consumers the choice to buy the fuel.”

Mr Sutton said the BAA also welcomed the government’s announcement that it would conduct an education campaign.

“There are many misconceptions about ethanol-blended fuels. The facts are that E10 is a cheaper product that is compatible to the vast majority of cars on the road.

“It also supports industry and regional jobs, is sustainable and better for the environment.”

For further information contact Mark Sutton on 0407 918 836