Biodiesel is safe for use in virtually all diesel engines.

In fact, biodiesel can be of benefit to your engine – as a solvent, it will clean out any bad diesel fuel residues that have built up in the fuel tank and lines.

Biodiesel works in the engine in the same way as standard diesel, and has added benefits to human health and the environment in that it produces less toxic particulates and greenhouse gas emissions. You can even switch between both diesel and biodiesel fuels if you need to.

Biodiesel has the potential to increase the life of your engine because it works so well with new diesel engine technologies, such as particulate traps and catalysts, and its superior lubricating properties and higher flashpoint can lead to better engine performance. It can also reduce black smoke emitted by diesel vehicles.

We recommend that older engines that still have some rubber components in the fuel system replace these parts with a synthetic material, as the solvent properties of biodiesel could cause wear to these parts. If you do have any concerns, we advise that you check with your vehicle manufacturer to make sure that biodiesel is suitable for your vehicle.

Also you can visit the US Biodiesel Organisation’s website for a detailed listing of compatible vehicles