Can my vehicle use ethanol?

An ethanol blended fuel of 10% is compatible with most vehicle makes and models produced since 1986.

Today, ethanol is commonly used in cars and light vehicles, along with certain two and four stroke engines. You can find out if your car can run on ethanol by simply checking your vehicle’s handbook or speaking to your manufacturer or service centre, or click here to visit the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website to see what blend of ethanol your vehicle can take.

Ethanol is also commonly used in high performance vehicles such as racecars because it has a much higher octane rating than petrol. At higher ethanol blends such as E85, there is a significant increase in power for the vehicle.

Since 2009 E85 has been the choice of the V8 Supercar racing series as their high performance fuel.


May new vehicles today have been designed with alcohol fuels in mind, as ethanol fuels are now the dominant fuels sold in Europe, South America, USA and many parts of Asia.  However, depending on your car you might see a slight increase in fuel consumption – between 1 and 3%. Of course, other factors such as driving style, tyre pressure, and the removal of roof racks more than compensate for these changes.

For the most up to date information, please always refer to your vehicle manufacturer for their specifications.

Ethanol blended fuels can also be used in your boat and motor mower.  Please refer to this section for details for precautions to ensure safe usage.