Mercedes gives thumbs up to Biodiesel

Posted Mark Sutton Industry News

When it comes to European-cars there is plenty of discussion on what fuel is best for the more expensive vehicles like Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

There is an interesting story that has emerged out of India.

According to The Economic Times the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has agreed to shift its diesel cars to the environment friendly biodiesel.

India’s Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari told the Times Mercedes has sent him a letter saying that 100% biodiesel can be used in the country’s cars and buses.

“Mercedes India chief has told me that the standards which we have prescribed for biodiesel can be easily used to power their motors,” he said.

India had set a national policy of 20% blending ratio for both biodiesel and ethanol by 2017. The country has some of the worst pollution in the world.

But the Transport Ministry decided to allow 100% biodiesel for vehicles citing its low pollution level and reliance on imported crude fuel.

Biofuel is renewable and emits less carbon dioxide.

It can easily take the place of conventional diesel without the need for car manufacturers to modify engines. In Australia, it is primarily manufactured using the by-products of cooking oil and tallow from animal fat.

Australia is a long way behind this policy, with a 5% blend for retail use and 20% for fleet customers.

Begs the questions if India can do it why can’t we here in Australia?