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Posted Mark Sutton Industry News

A major NSW Government education campaign backed by the state’s peak motoring body, NRMA, is providing motorist with the facts on E10 blended fuel and dispelling many misconceptions and untruths about its use

The NSW Government’s E10 Fuel for Thought education program launched early this year, along with the NRMA’S smartphone fuel app, My NRMA, had raised awareness of the benefits of filling up with E10 fuel and where to find the cheapest prices.

The Fuel for Thought campaign was launched recently by the NRMA and NSW Fair Trading to provide all the facts about using biofuels so that motorists could make informed decisions when filling up at the pump.

Mr Sutton said an article in the latest edition of the NRMA’s Open Road magazine points out that based on average petrol prices in the past six months, motorists could save around $500 in a year by filling up with E10.

The article also points out that if your car is compatible with E10 then there is no downside to using it.

This means that over 90 per cent of cars on the road today can run on E10 with no negative effect on their engines while reaping real benefits.

Mr Sutton said E10 is a higher grade fuel than regular and delivers value for money, reduces carbon emissions and helps lower pollution.

E10 has an octane rating of 94 while regular unleaded is rated at 91, which means the engine will run more cleanly and efficiently on E10.

The majority of vehicles manufactured after 1986 are compatible with E10 fuel, so by switching, motorists can help the environment and household budgets.

Using ethanol-based fuels also reduces reliance on foreign fuel and supports jobs in regional areas in NSW and Queensland where there are a number of processing plants.

The Queensland Government launched a similar campaign this year and already at least one plant has announced an expansion of its operations.

The simplest and quickest way to check for compatibility is to log onto the website, e10fuelforthought.nsw.gov.au and key in details of your car