Trucking Giant Revs Up Biodiesel

8 February, 2016 Global trucking heavyweight PACCAR recently expanded its range of B20 compatible engines to more than 100,000 additional vehicles. The move creates the potential for a further 12 billion trucking miles each year to be covered on cleaner, greener fuel, and brings to almost 1 million the number of PACCAR medium and heavy-duty […]

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Asia Pushes Ahead With Biodiesel Despite Oil Price

Industry representatives and Government officials in Malaysia and Indonesia have vowed to progress new biodiesel mandates despite the drop in crude oil prices forcing up the subsidies owed to producers to blend stockpiled palm oil reserves. Indonesia has flagged raising the minimum bio-content of gasoil in the country by a quarter to 20 percent in […]

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US Posts Record Biodiesel Consumption

3 February 2015 Encouraging new figures have revealed biodiesel consumption rates reached a record high of almost 2.1 billion gallons in the US in 2015, reducing carbon emissions by more than 18 million metric tonnes according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Joe Jobe, CEO of the US National Biodiesel Board, put the record […]

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Oil Price Bounce On The Cards

Betting on oil price movements is a risky business. As history shows movements in the world price of oil is not always driven by just supply and demand. The price of oil is highly sensitive to geo-political factors, plus the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has long played a role in determining supply and […]

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E85 Explained – The Race Fuel of the future

The boys from MightyCarMods put their view forward about E85. These guys run one of the largest car shows in the world and have done their own research into the pros and cons of E85. Check it out.

Paris Climate Talks Puts Biofuels Back on World Agenda

The Paris Climate Change agreement has thrown the spotlight back on renewable fuels and the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Biofuels including ethanol and bio-diesel is a proven, in use fuel source around the world. Recent government moves in Queensland and NSW have provided a big boost to the local industry. Robert […]

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