Nissan bio-ethanol fuel-cell development

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News that Nissan has begun development of a new bio-ethanol fuel-cell to power electric vehicles is an exciting development.

While there is a long way to go, as James Wong from Car News reports it could have the same range as conventional petrol-powered cars around 600 kilometres.

It shows how versatile biofuels can be, particularly when the plan is for the bio-ethanol fuel-cell powered car to only produce water vapour and offer the silent driving experience of a “pure electric vehicle”.

Nissan’s e-Bio Fuel-Cell differs from more conventional hydrogen fuel-cell systems as it is able to utlise the existing bio-ethanol fuel infrastructure, negating the need to install hydrogen fuel stations.

The big plus is that the system will use a clean renewable energy source, rather than a coal-sourced power.

Nissan is reportedly looking to target countries which grow either large amounts of sugar-can like Australia – or sugarcane and corn such as North America, South America and Asia.

It is early days in the development process but worth watching the project develop.