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NSW Legislation Drives Biofuels Industry Further

Posted Mark Sutton Industry News

The Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA) says changes to biofuels laws in NSW lay a new platform for the industry to grow and thrive into the future.

BAA Chief Executive Mark Sutton said the Biofuels Amendment Bill 2016 would potentially also create the environment to attract investment in the market.

“The biofuels industry requires certainty to grow and the new framework introduced by the Baird Government is a major step forward.”

Mr Sutton said while much of the focus had been on E10 and ethanol production, the legislation reaffirms the government’s commitment to the entire industry, including biodiesel.

“The Biofuels mandate was introduced almost 10 years ago and there has been little change since,” he said.

“The changes are timely and have the potential to deliver new players into the market and a better deal for motorists.”

Mr Sutton said it was pleasing the Labor Party – which introduced the legislation in 2007 – again supported the changes.

“Ethanol is a clean, high octane, renewable fuel made in Australia and reduces our dependence on imported foreign oil.

“Biofuels provides desperately needed manufacturing jobs in regional areas and importantly makes productive use of an agricultural by-product.”

Mr Sutton said the major change of transferring compliance to retailers will ensure that the mandate can be met.

“This will lead to greater transparency and ensure that the volume of biofuels sold in the market starts to grow.”

“We accept there are situations where an exemption from the mandate was valid, but in recent years this has driven a downward trend in biofuel sales.”

Mr Sutton said that the legislative changes were subject to a range of regulations yet to be drafted.

“We congratulate the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello on the reform package and look forward to working with the government on the implementation phase,” he said.

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