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Premier Palaszczuk Announces US Navy Industry Meeting

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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told the Biofuels Association of Australia National Symposium in Brisbane that the United States Navy will hold talks with the industry on supplying bio-diesel.

Key US Navy officials held preliminary talks in Australia in August on its Great Green fleet plan which aims to transform its energy use. The purpose of the proposal is to allow the US Navy and its sailors and marines to travel further, stay longer and deliver more firepower.

The centre-piece of the Great Green Fleet is a Carrier Strike Group (CSG) that deploys on alternative fuels, including advanced biofuel made from tallow and traditional petroleum. Queensland is a potential supply port for biofuel to the US Navy. It was expected another meeting would be held early next year but Premier Palaszczuk announced the meeting would be brought forward to later this year. The Premier held a meeting with the Navy in the United States earlier this year.

Premier Palaszczuk also re-affirmed her commitment to developing a strong biofuels sector in Queensland.

About 140 people attended the symposium including several international guest speakers from the United States. Delegates were also told that Virgin and Air New Zealand had received a good response to its Request for Information (RFI) for the supply of bio jet fuel. Airlines around the world are looking to reduce their carbon emissions through the use of bio jet fuel.