Qld to transition to a Clean Energy Economy

Posted Gavin Hughes Industry News

A mandate on ethanol in fuel will help Queensland transition to a clean energy economy, the state government says.

New laws requiring petrol retailers to offer a fuel made up of at least two per cent ethanol and a diesel fuel containing at least 0.5 per cent bio-sources have been introduced to state parliament.

Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark Bailey says the laws target fuel companies and regular fuels will still be available to motorists who don’t want to use biofuels.

He hopes the mandate will stimulate the state’s budding biofuels industry.

“It will support the development of a sustainable biofuels industry that can help Queensland transition to a clean energy economy, contribute to regional growth and job creation and promote the development of an advanced bio-manufacturing industry,” Mr Bailey told parliament.

He explained that under the mandate retailers would also need to sell one litre of E10 petrol for every four litres of regular unleaded petrol sold.
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