Time to turn on the lights for a billion in the dark

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Turning on the light switch is done without a second thought for many of us.

In our modern world it world it is a surprise that more than a billion people don’t have that luxury.

An international program aimed at helping get those billion people living in the dark some light is gathering momentum.

The world director for this United Nations-backed sustainability for all program Dr Gerard Ostheimer will be the key note speaker at the Biofuels Association of Australia National Symposium on August 22 and 23 in Brisbane. Details including booking: http://biofuelsassociation.com.au/2016-symposium/information/

The SE4ALL program at it is known strives to achieve universal access for all, double the use of renewable energy and increase the rate of energy efficiency by 2030.

Dr Ostheimer has been at the forefront of sustainable energy programs – we are lucky to have him as our key-note speaker.