Willie Powers Tour on Biodiesel

Posted Mark Sutton Industry News

Country and Western legend Willie Nelson is powering his US tour on biodiesel.

He’s switched his tour bus to biodiesel on the basis that it is more environmentally friendly.

Nelson was an early adopter to biofuel.

He first became interested in biofuel in 2004 when his wife bought a diesel car which she ran 100% on biofuel.

Nelson was so impressed with the car’s performance he put some of his cash into building a biofuel business.

BioWillie has partnered with Bob and Kelly King in the building of two biodiesel plants – one in Salem, Oregan and the other at Carl’s Corner in Texas.

For the Willie tour bus there is no need for modifications using the B20 blend – it is compatible with the engine.

Nelson is not the only music star backing biofuels and a greener future.

Rock legend Neil Young and country and western star Bonnie Raitt are also big supporters.